A reader posing with his copy of Popsamiti at the Gunnersbury Park Mela, Ealing, London, August 09.


Diana, born in Manchester, is a Visual Artist and Curator. Her current research explores correspondence, dialogue and connectivity through instructional methods to global participants and, in turn, this extends to using curatorial strategies as an arts practice. As an artist she has exhibited in the TINAG Festival in London; as part of the Roaming Biennial in Tehran; Other Asia’s exhibition ‘ReDo Pakistan’ in Karachi, Pakistan, and her text work has featured in The Disarmory Newspaper, New York. Her curatorial projects include ‘Olfaction’ in Durham; ‘Subversive Correspondence’, a touring exhibition in Bristol and London; and ‘Up & Coming’ at the CUC in Liverpool. She is also a Fine Art lecturer and workshop leader. She is based in Nottingham, UK. 'Shifting Identities' is her project for Popsamiti interviewing South Asian participants and forming a hybrid but unified response.





A fellow of Royal Society of Arts London and graduate ambassador for University of the Arts in India Gaurav Gupta is a Designer Maker based out of New Delhi. Trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design London in Woven Textiles and National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi in Fashion and Graphics he makes hand woven textiles for fashion accessories, clothes and interior spaces. His work looks at fine balance between craft and design and highlights the importance of handcrafting before machine. Exploring sustainable collaborations between materials and minds and taking Handmade in India movement forward are his guiding forces.





Dr Kishore Budha is a media researcher from the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds. He is the co-founder of the peer-reviewed screen studies open access online journal Wide Screen. His research interests include philosophy and ideology of the media and communications. He has published in the area of online communities and genre, nationalism and right-wing ideology in South Asia. He can be reached via email at kishorebudha at gmail dot com.




Amarjit Chandan has published six collections of poetry and two books of essays in Punjabi and one in English Being Here (The Many Press, 1993, 1995, 2005). His work has appeared in Poetry Review, Critical Quarterly, Wasafiri, Index on Censorship, Papirus (Turkey), Erismus, Ombrela, Odos Panos (Greece) and Lettre Internationale (Romania). He was amongst British poets on Radio 4 selected by Andrew Motion on National Poetry Day in 2001 and participated in the 13th International Aldeburgh Poetry Festival the same year. His collection of poems Sonata for Four Hands (Arc Publications) is due in October 2009.




Dr Jimmy C. Dabhi's studies include BA in Philosophy and Theology and a technical education and bachelor’s degree in sociology. His special interest is in Voluntary Organisations and he has a M.Sc. in Voluntary Sector Organisations from London School of Economics and Ph.D. in Sociology of Organisation with special focus on organisation culture of Non-governmental organisations and their effectiveness. He is also a professional member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science.

He has lectured at Entrepreneur Development Institute at Gandhinagar, Master of Social Sciences (MSW) at Baroda, Gujarat, NIPCCD, Jamia Millia Islamia, IMI - Delhi. He has articles and books to his name on themes covering development management, Organisations and Development, Education, gender and socialisation, conflict and peace, and social change.

Formerly Executive Director of Indian Social Institute, centre for Research and Training in Socio-Economic Development Action and Human Rights in New Delhi. He is now Country Director of the Afghanistan Research and Development Institute and Visiting Professor at Herat and Bamyam University, Afghanistan.





Born in 1960 in East Punjab, India, Kanwal Dhaliwal received his formal education in fine arts from Government College of Art, Chandigarh between 1979 & 84. He also completed MA Russian from Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, India 1991 and MA Art in Architecture from University of East London, UK. 2002. The life around him has always been a theme of swot for him and therefore the rural Punjab has been the main content for his works for a long time. Immigrating to Britain has considerably influenced his subject matter, however again the lifestyles around him were his new subjects. He concentrates on the theme of inter-cultural conflicts resulting out of abrupt union of the rural East with Western urbanism. More recently he has shifted his attention towards the impacts of being culturally uprooted. Practicing as a painter and sculptor, he has produced works in a verity of mediums including Oil, Water Colour, Ink &Wash, charcoal, pastels, Wood, Brass, Clay, Terra Cotta, and Stone .www.art-d-kanwal.com






Dr Arvind Dubey M.B.B.S, D.C.H. (Gold Medallist), M.D. (Paediatrics), Fellow Indian college of Maternal and Child Health, Ex Research Officer, Maternal and Child health Scheme, Indian Council of Medical research, New Delhi, Ex Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Era’s Lucknow Medical college, Lucknow. Arvind has been Associated with All India Radio and Doordarshan (Television) as a writer for last 28 years. And is a recognised science fiction writer and critic. He has contributed many articles on the art of science fiction writing.

A specialist in science communication he has been invited as a specialist to many workshops organised by the Directorate of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, National Council of Science and Technology Communication.

He has published many books including three books two of which won awards from the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. And more than fifty articles both in Hindi and English in various noted magazines.





Bhajan Hunjan is a practicing visual and public artist based in East London. Her most recent public art projects include design for the Town Square in Slough for Slough Borough Council as part of the “Art at the Centre” Scheme for the High Street Development, in water jet cut granite. Last year she designed eight street entrance floorscapes in sandblasted granite for the Cultural Quarter development in Leicester in collaboration with Leicester Print Workshop, as part of the regeneration scheme around the newly built performance centre the Curve.

As a freelance artist she also works as a specialist arts educator and trainer. Her past projects include work with The British Museum, Unicorn Theatre, Bow Arts Trust and Discover Centre. www.bhajanhunjan.com





Archana Kapoor is the publisher of Hardnews magazine, a fiercely independent political monthly from India, and the Founder of Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART), an NGO that is working with marginalised communities in India and a filmmaker. She has made more than 250 documentary films on development issues. Her 100 minute film on the Weaves of India, a narrative on how textiles are a manifestation of India's diverse culture, have been critically acclaimed and was screened in London on July 7, 2008.  She is now working on a project for the upliftment of the disaster prone weavers of India.

SMART has mobilized thousands of women to participate in empowerment and economic sustainability programs. Archana is the India partner for Women without Borders, Vienna, and has worked closely with them in a rehabilitation program for the victims of Tsunami in a district in the south of India. Together they are working on a project Domestic Violence.




A self taught artist and a craft facilitator, I have lived and worked in Tower Hamlets all my life and attended Mulberry Girls School in East London. I love oil painting on fairly large canvases and, as a British Bangladeshi woman, have always been fascinated by the challenges of expressing the images of British Asian women. The content of my work currently demonstrates Asian women as strong role models and the issues that they face. I am committed and enthusiastic about inspiring people through the arts and helping others in the community to recognise their potential, especially young people, by giving them the confidence and backing that I would like to have had myself.

Art allows me to release all my ideas and express my individuality and creativity without boundaries.











I started writing science fictions in 1983. Science fiction writing has come naturally to me, as I am passionate about science. I write in Tamil and English and I have published a collection of science fictions in Tamil. After more than 20 years in Indian Government service as an officer, I voluntarily quit to launch a science NGO for the popularisation of science. As a science activist I’m deeply into creating awareness on global warming, organic farming and green vehicles and adopting a green ways of living.

I also write on economic matters, science and general poems and I am planning to publish my work in English as well.




Tajender Sagoo studied weaving at Central St Martins Schoolof Art, London. Her practice involves textiles (weave & print) in a multi disciplinary approach,she has a strong interest in craft, pattern, and colour. She investigates the relationships between objects and the ideas that they express, in the historical and modern experience.




Dr Aparna Sharma (PhD) is an independent filmmaker and theorist. In her documentaries she is interested in exploring the relationship of individual experiences to the stable narrative of the ‘nation.’ Her doctoral research examined the scope and applications of montage editing in the documentation of postcolonial and diasporic experiences. Her work has been exhibited at festivals and conferences in Europe, Australia and the US. She is presently developing a study of the construction of the female body within Indian nationalist discourse. Aparna Sharma has taught documentary, film theory, film practice and ethnography across disciplines including cinema, fashion and dance at universities in Britain, India and USA. She is currently Assistant Professor at UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures. Aparna Sharma is an art critic with the Women’s Feature Service (New Delhi) and contributor for the Leonardo Reviews (MIT Press).





Dr Shihan de Silva is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (University of London). She is a member of the UNESCO International Scientific Committee for the Slave Route Project (Paris) and the co-founder of TADIA (The African Diaspora in Asia).

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society (Great Britain & Ireland) and is also associated with King’s College London. She has a PhD (Linguistics) and an MSc in Finance and a BSc Honours in Economics from the University of London.

She has published widely in international academic journals and is also the author of five books: Tagus to Taprobane (Tisara Prakasakayo, Colombo, 2001) An Anthology of Indo-Portuguese Verse (Edwin Mellen Press, Wales, 2001), Indo-Portuguese of Ceylon (Athena Publications, London, 2001), The Portuguese in the East: A Cultural History of a Maritime Trading Empire (I B Tauris, London, 2008) and African Identity in Asia (Markus Wiener Publishers: Princeton, New Jersey, 2008).




The Sugar Cake Girls are Shabana, Fiona and Sarah and form one of Guyana’s most popular Chutney Soca band. Fiona became popular with her first release "Stupidy", which was a big hit in the Caribbean, Canada and the USA. Shabanna is the only female Indian keyboard player in Guyana and perhaps the Caribbean & Sarah's first single is "Queen of Chutney Soca".

The Sugar Cake Girls promote Guyanese girl power and believe in equal rights for women. They have toured Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and Canada. De Sugar Cake Girls are always a crowd pleaser in Guyana at all the big shows (Impulse, Live Aid) with international artists like Alison Hinds and Rupee to name a few.


Popsamiti paper is a collection of articles and ideas by writers and artists. Popsamiti is a free paper, a limited edition, A3 in size and printed on recycled paper. A limited limited edition includes a handloom textile sample from Akaaro.

Download a pdf from this website.



popsamiti paper


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